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Terms and Conditions

These terms of use (hereinafter the "Terms of Use") will apply to all users of the MyForexReview websites (hereinafter, the "Website"), including, but not limited to, MyForexReview.com and the like.

MyForexReview, info@MyForexReview.com, provides the Website. In these Terms of Use, the words "we", "us" and "our" refer to MyForexReview.

These Terms of Use are considered to include all other guidelines, policies and operating rules referenced in this document or that we may otherwise publish on our Website (as well as such guidelines, policies and may be modified. standards at the time), including, among others:

Our Privacy Policy found at https://myforexreview.com/p-privacy-policyIn case of conflict between the conditions contained herein will prevail.

By using the Website, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use, including the Guidelines for Use. In case you do not accept these Terms of Use, please stop using the Website. Registration as a user requires your express acceptance of these Terms of Use.

Website services
1 Registered User
1.1 To obtain full access to use the Website, you must create a profile and register as a user (hereinafter “Registered User”).

1.2 You must be 18 years or older to become a registered user.

1.3 You are only allowed to register one profile per person on the Website. The profile is personal and non-transferable.

1.4 To become a Registered User, you need a password. You choose your password, which you must use together with your email address when accessing the Website. Alternatively, we will send you the password. The password is personal and must not be transferred or made available to third parties in any other way. It is your responsibility to ensure that the password does not fall into the hands of third parties. If you become aware that the password has been compromised or may have been compromised, you are obliged to notify us. We can change the password and we will do so if there is a risk that it has been compromised or used in contravention of the Terms of Use.

1.5 During the registration process, you must choose a username. The username will be displayed on the Website whenever you write or comment on reviews, or generate User Generated Content (CGU) (see 2.1 below) on the Website. So you need to think about whether you want to use a username that other people can identify you with. The username must not (i) be offensive or insulting in any other way, (ii) include the terms "Guest", "Admin", ".es", ".com", etc., nor (iii) contain characteristics of third parties or names of famous people, or personal names over which you do not have the rights. You guarantee that your username does not violate any rights (including intellectual property rights) belonging to third parties or related to the Conditions of Use. If you have chosen to upload a profile photo, the restrictions and guarantees established in this clause 1.5 apply to your profile picture and you confirm that you have all rights to the image.

1.6 We have the right to delete, suspend or modify your profile at any time, without prior notice and prejudice, in case of violation or alleged violation by you of these Terms of Use or applicable law. By deleting your profile, you will no longer have access to the Website services that require you to be registered and you will no longer be able to access as a Registered User. When your profile is deleted, we reserve the right to delete the user-generated content (see 2.1) that you have created on the Website.

1.7 Likewise, we reserve the right to delete your profile and user-generated content (see 2.1) at any time and without prior notice or explanation. In this case, our unlimited liability disclaimer will apply.

1.8 You are not allowed to access or attempt to access the parts of the Website that require you to be registered as a user if you are not a Registered User.

2 Content Generated by Registered Users
2.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, the rights (including all intellectual property rights) on any material, information, notifications, reviews, articles or other types of communication (hereinafter, the "User Generated Content" or "CGU"), created by Registered Users on the Website, are transferred under license to MyForexReview for non-exclusive use. The Registered User will not have the right to receive royalties or any other remuneration or rate in relation to said CGU. We can freely use and transfer the CGU. Our access in non-exclusive terms to freely use the CGU will be applied irrevocably, without temporal or territorial limitation.

2.2 Registered Users are responsible for the CGU that they publish on the Website.

2.3 Registered Users guarantee that all the CGU that they publish on the Website is correct and true (when they expose facts) or that they really think it (when they expose

2.4 Registered Users guarantee that all the CGU that they publish on the Website is correct and true (when they expose facts) or that they really think it (when they expose opinions).

2.5 The rules on what Registered Users can write are established in the Use Guidelines.

2.6 Registered Users shall not publish on the CGU website that:

is of a commercial nature or has commercial purposes;
is illegal, false, misleading, fraudulent, threatening, outrageous, harassing, defamatory, libelous, offensive, obscene, pornographic or profane; be of a sexist, political or racial nature;
violates the rights of third parties, including all intellectual property rights;
is offensive or otherwise violates any applicable local, national or international legislation or regulations;
violates these Terms of Use, including the Guidelines for Use;
has an unfair or illegal purpose or content (or promotes illegal purposes);
is technically harmful (including but not limited to computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojans, worms, harmful components, corrupted data, or other malicious computer programs, harmful data or behavior).
2.7 The persons who contribute CGU guarantee in all contexts that the CGU is lawful and complies with the Conditions of Use. In the event that we receive a notification or it becomes known to us in another way that the CGU violates the current legislation and / or the Conditions of Use, we may, without prior notification, delete the CGU and, depending on the nature of the violation, report the violation to the victim and / or the authorities. Our right of deletion will not be subject to any explanation, although we will do our best to inform the Registered User about the deletion and the reasons for it.

2.8 The Registered User hereby grants us the right to undertake and initiate the legal actions that we consider necessary in case of violation of the Registered User CGU.

2.9 The Registered User must indemnify us for any claim that may be presented against us as a consequence of the violation by the Registered User of the Conditions of Use, of the Use Guidelines or of the current legislation.

The Registered User must release us and hold us harmless for any claim or loss caused by third party claims against us resulting from the Registered User CGU. We can at any time request Registered User information about the CGU, including supporting documentation for the information included in the CGU. The Registered User must, for example, document that the CGU is based on a true purchase or service experience in a real customer relationship with the company referred to by the CGU.

General conditions
3 Rights
3.1 The content of the Website, including, among others, the intellectual property rights, the text, the characteristics, graphics, icons, photos, calculations, references and computer programs, belongs to MyForexReview or to a third party owner (other than the Registered User) and is protected by Costarrican or international law, including the Costarrican Copyright Law, the Costarrican Trademark Law, the Costarrican Business Practices Law, etc. In the event that you provide observations, ideas, or suggestions regarding the Website or the services offered on the Website (the “Observations”), we can freely and fully exploit such Observations.

3.2 The unauthorized copying, distribution, presentation, or other use of the Website or part thereof constitutes an infringement of Costarrican and/or other legislation, and may consequently result in civil and criminal penalties.

3.3 To the maximum extent permitted by law, the free use rights of the CGU are irrevocably transmitted to us, without temporal or territorial limitation, when presenting the CGU to us.

3.4 Downloads or other digital copies of the content of the Website or parts of it are only allowed for non-commercial personal use, unless an agreement is reached with us in writing, or permitted by applicable mandatory legislation.

3.5 All company names, brands, and other business features on the Website are or will be the property of MyForexReview or a third party (other than the Registered User) and should only be used for commercial purposes after obtaining our approval or the approval of the third party owner, respectively.

4 Personal data
We carry out different types of processing of personal data in relation to the use of the Website. The processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: es.legal.MyForexReview.com/for-reviewers/end-user-privacy-terms.

By accepting these Terms of Use, you confirm that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy.

5 Exemption from Liability and Indemnity
5.1 The Website, content, and services offered on the Website are provided "as is" and we make no warranty whatsoever regarding the content or accuracy of the CGU or the Website, and no liability will be required of us for the elimination or blocking by us or others of the CGU. We may at any time, at our own discretion and without liability, remove any content on the Website. We expressly exclude all conditions, guarantees, and other terms that may otherwise be implicitly derived by law, according to customary law or in equity.

5.2 We will not examine or control the CGU that is published on the Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we can at any time investigate and correct (including anonymization) the CGU, for example, in the event that such actions are (i) requested by third parties, (ii) required in accordance with applicable legislation, or (iii) necessary for the CGU to comply with our Use Guidelines.

5.3 We are not responsible for the content of the CGU. Our non-liability is applicable to all CGUs, including CGUs that have been corrected by us (see 5.2). We are not responsible for any links to third party websites in the CGU, including the content of the page to which the CGU links.

5.4 Recommendations, reviews, comments, etc. of companies, services, internet companies, etc. Specific on the Website are for guidance only. We are in no way responsible for the content of the Website. The use of MyForexReview is in all respects the sole responsibility of Registered Users. We are not responsible for the availability of the Website.

5.5 We are not in any way responsible for damages for the use of the Website, including (i) lost profit, loss of contracts, sales volume, business, commercial opportunities, loss or corruption of data or data recovery, fund of commerce, breach of security as a result of the failure of a third party's telecommunications and / or the internet, loss of savings or expected income (regardless of whether any of them is direct, indirect or derived) (ii) any loss or damage resulting from liability towards third parties (whether direct, indirect or derived) nor (iii) any loss or indirect or derived damage.

5.6 Nothing in the Terms of Use excludes or limits our liability for death or bodily injury as a result of negligence, or liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation in relation to an essential matter, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited in accordance with applicable law.

6 Other conditions of use
6.1 We can, at any time and without prior notice, review or modify these Terms of Use or, at our discretion and without prior notice, close, change, or reorganize the Website. As a Registered User, you agree to be subject to the Conditions of Use in force at all times. Any revision or change of the Conditions of Use will be recorded on the Website. Registered Users agree that continued use of the Website following the publication of any modified version of the Terms of Use constitutes acceptance of the modified Terms of Use.

6.2 If any of these Conditions of Use is considered unlawful or without effect, and therefore not enforceable, it will not affect the applicability and observance of the rest of the Conditions of Use.

7 Duration and termination
7.1 We can terminate your right to access and use the services offered on the Website at any time and for whatever reason, without incurring any liability. If we do so, or if you choose to delete your profile, any right granted to you in this document will end immediately. Section 2-8 will continue to be effective after any termination of the Terms of Use.

8 Applicable law and jurisdiction
8.1 The Terms of Use are subject to Costarrican law and, unless otherwise indicated, the general rules of Costarrican law will be applied in all relations between us and Registered Users and users of the Website. All disputes must be brought to the court of the Costarrican jurisdiction of MyForexReview unless this violates the mandatory competition rules.